isolated electronics is a company of globally diverse engineers, designers, technologists, and communications experts who have come together to enable universal digital sovereignty

our philosophy is not to have access or use of your data for any purpose, no subscription-model lock-in, no proprietary technology lock in – just full transparency to allow you to take back control of your personal data.

introducing isokey

reclaim data ownership with our isolated, linux-based security device in the footprint of a credit card

isokey builds biometrically encrypted data vaults onto removable micro-sd cards, maintaining and managing all of your information on your own private platform

isokey is equipped with a fingerprint sensor to facilitate quick and easy encryption and decoding of your data

conduct two-factor authentication efficiently and seamlessly
securely store and encrypt personal data in our isolated, cold storage data vault using standard micro-sd cards with our camera and QR code scanner
with isokey's built-in crypto wallet you can create, manage and use cryptocurrency seed pairs and eliminate the single-function hard wallet
create, store, and organize passwords with isokey's built-in encrypted password library and generator

open source

our device is fully open source for transparency: open software, open hardware, and open interface
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