on October 04, 2021

i’m an industrial designer, prototype engineer, and all-around tech fiend nerd. with over ten years in the industry of designing and building electronic products, i’ve founded Isolated Electronics to rid my own insecurities with the way technology is currently delivered. 


we don’t own our data anymore. third-party apps and services that handle digital assets (password library, cryptocurrency wallet, two-factor authentication, file encryption) keep our data behind a paywall or locked into a platform, engineered to make it difficult to remove, backup, or copy data to another device or service. i created Isolated Electronics with one goal in mind: to offer a transparent and open platform to manage digital assets, while consolidating all of these features into one device with the highest level of security possible. 


our approach to security is simple. it is:


  1. open - we have our own trust issues just as everyone else, but a perfect system should not require any trust. we provide all documentation necessary for our customers and community to check every aspect of our products: from our transparent codebase to our PCB fabrication files, it’s all available for everyone to check. 
  2. isolated - the largest threat to data is over-the-air hacking. by eliminating the interfaces necessary for the device to access the internet, we practically eliminate our threat surface, so no Bluetooth, no WiFi, and no USB. 
  3. biometric - all data stored on our device is encrypted with the highest standards and backed by the user’s fingerprint and/or PIN data as the seed. on-device we are conscious of data handling, individually decrypting data on request, and wiping traces from RAM afterwords. in the rare case someone has stolen your device, it would take a nation-state levels of computing power to decrypt it. 
  4. platform - our products are designed to be multi-function and expandable. by building the device as a platform from day one, we can implement new features and applications at will while also allowing the community to build applications of their own. 


everyone deserves the fundamental right to data and identity privacy, and we believe the only way to ensure this is with an open, isolated, biometric platform for digital assets. with this, we are closer to our goal of Universal Digital Sovereignty.