on September 29, 2021

we have built IsoKey on a linux capable ARM platform, with an open-source front end. this affords users and organizations to easily create additional applications and use-cases beyond our password management, two-factor authentication, cryptocurrency, and data encryption features that we have built at launch.  We have created IsoKey to be a trusted device and attract any and all applications that require peace-of-mind, eliminating the need for multiple devices.


why does isokey run on linux?

short answer: to make IsoKey limitless


long answer: security devices like cryptocurrency wallets and authentication keys are built on simple microcontrollers with little overhead.  these processors are cheaper to buy and operate but can be limiting in the features they are able to implement due to the skill needed to modify the code and the complicated nature of updating and flashing the device.  while these skills aren’t rocket science, they are well out of the purview of the vast majority of the community.

IsoKey runs a full linux operating system and can be run on most distributions that a user wants to implement. our front-end is built in openFrameworks, a popular open source framework used primarily to create digital, generative art, app development , and ar/vr applications.  this is paired with a python back-end, which opens up feature development to a much wider audience.


these choices will allow maximum flexibility for us as a company to implement new features and tweaks as well as new contributions from the community.